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Cape Town

Dr Zipp will be conducting a Smoking Cessation Clinic in Cape Town on 25 October 2013. Please use the contact form provided to find out more about how Dr Zipp can help you to Stop Smoking.


Dr Zipp – “Auricular therapy takes away the Nicotine Craving” dr-gavin-zipp-auricular-therapy

The craving for nicotine (nicotine addiction), along with the habits associated with smoking is what has us reaching for the cigarettes. Auricular therapy takes away the nicotine craving and with our proven methods that help you break the habits associated with smoking, you will never reach for a cigarette again. If you are committed to quitting smoking and want to live the life you deserve contact us now by completing the form and we will provide you with all of the information you need to make the choice.

Over the past 9 years the percentage of the population that smokes has reduced from 32% to 16.4% in South Africa which leaves you as a statistic with the chance of dying from a smoking related illness a massive 50% higher than those that have stopped smoking.

If you are still not convinced that stopping smoking will lead to you living longer and enjoying life a whole lot more, read on.

Your first step to Quitting for Good starts here

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Pregnant smokers facts


Any chemicals taken in while pregnant are passed on to your unborn child through the placenta. Chilren born to smokers are on average 198 grams lighter. Children born to mothers who smoked are twice as likely to develop asthma.

How long will you live as a smoker?


Men who smoke cut their life expectancy by 13.2 years and a womens life expectancy is cut by more than 14.5 years. Smokers are 3 times more likely to die before the age of 60 than non smokers. 1 in 5 deaths in the world issmoking related.

Smoking is killing you! Fact


Smoking has been identified as the single most important source of premature death in the World and is preventable simply by stopping smoking. Smoking tobacco puts over 4 800 chemicals into your body, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.

You will save a fortune!


If you smoke 20 a day you will be saving over R10 000 a year and your life Insurance will be loaded by 40%. After a few months of being smoke free, you can approach your insurer for a 40% reduction in your Life insurance premiums! That could pay for your childs education!!!

20 mins to 12 hrs after Quitting


Blood pressure, heart rate return to normal after 20 minutes. 8 hours later the level of nicotine in your body has reduced to under 6.5% from over 93%. Oxygen levels and carbon monoxide levels in your blood have normalised.

48 hrs to 72 hrs after Quitting


The damage caused to nerve endings is being repaired by your body. Your sense of smell and taste have returned to normal. Your body will be 100% nicotine free, your breathing is easier and lung capacity increases

3 weeks, 3 months and beyond


Your circulation has returned to normal, exercising is easier, you no longer have a chronic cough, risk of coronary heart disease has decreased by half, Risk of death from lung cancer has been halved after 10 years…The benefits are endless.

Don’t Devastate your family


“My father died of emphysema. His life and that of our family became a living hell. I do NOT want to do that to my children and family. Do not do that to your family.” An untimely death where you effectively suffocate over a long period is devastating on famalies!


“The smoking session was fantastic, very happy with the results, would recommend anyone who wants to quit.”

“Thank you, I’m extremely happy with the results. Have recommended all my friends to you.”

“I was seen for the Smoking Cessation and I cant believe how well it has worked. I had no cravings and no side effects, happy to say I will never touch another cigarette.”

“I did the Smoking Cessation and was thrilled with how easily I could give up, after smoking every day for 3 years I didn’t expect to give up in just a one hour session. No moods, cravings or weight gain.”

Dr Zipp has a 90% success rate!! Don’t wait another moment, contact us today and QUIT for good.

You Really do Want to Stop Smoking for Good.

Make The Life Changing Decision that will Free you from the Clutches of Nicotine Addiction FOR GOOD

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Don’t wait another second, get all of the information you need to start the recovery process. The human body is an incredible thing that has the ability to begin healing itself the moment you stop poisoning it.

Contact us before it is too late and let us help you stop smoking for Good

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Dr Zipp Conducts sessions from his practice in Johannesburg as well as Main Centres around South Africa. Contact us for more information.